Monday, February 04, 2008

Microsoft + Yahoo! vs Google ?

The news in Tech circle for last few days is about merging of Microsoft and Yahoo! and the main motive seen behind this is to counter Google growing market share. For few month it is believed that Yahoo! is not doing so well. And Microsoft has been struggling to get a larger piece of the Internet market pie, which is growing in terms of reach internationally and in cash turnovers n eCom.

Microsoft is the largest software company and Yahoo! was the largest internet company. But now Yahoo! has lost that spot to Google, which Microsoft has been eying for some time. Also over past few months Google has released an array of Free software tools and internet tools which are probably alarming Microsoft.

Now we have to wait and watch if the Microsoft and Yahoo! merger happens or not, and are they combined together able to check Google's growth.

I personally feel, in the end users will benifit, since both Microsoft and Google will put their best to offer diverse, user friendly and robust services for free or at competitive rates.

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