Saturday, December 15, 2007

Kerala Trip after Sabarimala

After the Sabarimala Pilgrim we visited two more places in Kerala, Adoor in Pattanathitta District and Attingal near Trivendrum. We visited a Rubber Estate in near Adoor. Where we got to see how Rubber sap is extracted from Trees and later processed into raw rubber sheets.

In the Rubber plantation, I observed few butterflies and Dragonflies and Damselflies.

After spending couple of hours there, we left for Attingal. In the evening we visited a beach in Varkala called Papanashani. It was a nice location with rock cliffs right next to sea. A well developed tourist place. Due to bad light conditions, I could not take any photographs there.

Next day morning we visited a nice temple premise of Sarkara in Chirayinkil. We could see afternoon procession after we finished darshana.

The temple premise was large, with several small temples around the main temple.

The entrance gate was spectacular too.

After that we went to yet another beach in Chirayinkil. This place is developing into a small port.

There is a scenic creek which has formed an Island.

There was a ferry transporting people across the creek to save distance.

Several fisher folks were busy working in creek as well as sea.

The sea water was clean and had a different greenish color.

The contrasting beach sand was adding to the color effect.

We also saw some brightly colored crabs and plants on the coast.

Houses on the banks were worth printing on picture postcards.

Some restoration work was going on one side of the beach

We interacted few fisher folks there.

Though we were not feeling like leaving, to catch the train back to Bangalore, we had to leave the beach.

Complete Album can be viewed Here with more pictures.

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At 11:18 AM, Blogger veenaa's corner said...

Hey..wat do i r 2 gud and so r the captions. Yes I can c the greenery in the water and both the scenary and the photography is jus superb. Keep posting such beau pics with ur suitable and remarkable captions.

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