Friday, November 11, 2005

"The Monk who Sold his Ferrari" translated to Marathi

Hello Nashikkars,

The international bestseller "The Monk who Sold his Ferrariā€¦" has been translated in Hindi as well as Marathi. Its named "Sanyasi jyane aapli sampatti vikli" in Marathi. The Book was published at Cross words Mumbai, Mr. Robin Sharma was present at the occasion. The book will be hitting stands in this week.

The translator of the Book is from our very own city, Nashik. Her name is Ms. Malti Joshi. She works in Glaxo and pursues her hobby of writing in past time. She has been writing articles for newspapers & magazines for quite some time. This translation is her first effort of its kind, we wish her luck in all future endeavours.

Anurag Sir can we have some info posted about the book in Marathi and the writter on or


Ek sudnya Nashikkar, Madhuri

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