Friday, October 21, 2005

PHP catching on, vying with Java, Launches Alternative to .NET, J2EE

PHP is steadly getting into the mainstream. Couple of years back, if I mention PHP, even IT people used to ask "What is PHP?" but now the scene has changed.

Accouding to latest news:

PHP catching on at enterprises, vying with Java

Paul Krill Wed Oct 19, 5:45 PM ET

San Francisco (InfoWorld) - BURLINGAME, Calif. -- PHP (PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor) has caught on in enterprise-level Web deployments and is beginning to compete with Java, according to speakers at the Zend/PHP Conference & Expo 2005 event on Wednesday. The open source scripting language for Web applications is center stage at PHP products-and-services vendor Zend Technologies' conference.

"We think PHP is ready for enterprise use," said Ken Jacobs, vice president of product strategy at Oracle.

"Java and PHP compete at some level and I think it's great," said Mike Milinkovich, executive director of the Eclipse Foundation. This should serve as a reminder within the Java community to "get over itself," he added. Milinkovich's statements are bit of a surprise, since Eclipse has always been known as primarily a Java-based open source effort.

PHP also is having an impact in the C language community.

There have been many C extensions written for PHP, said Andi Gutmans, Zend vice president of technology. There also PHP extensions for Microsoft's .Net Framework, according to Zend.

Some 50,000 sites are using PHP, Zend CEO Doron Gerstel said.

Yahoo has standardized on PHP, which has helped change the perception of the scripting language, according to Zend.

"It was no longer considered a nice toy and a nice language for simple stuff. It was evident that we could support one of the largest Internet sites in the world," said Zeev Suraski, Zend CTO.


PHP Project Launches Alternative to .NET, J2EE

October 20, 2005
By Sean Michael Kerner

Middleware is more than just .NET (define) and J2EE (define). That's the message coming from Zend Technologies, the corporate backer of the open source scripting language.

Zend and its partners announced a new PHP Collaboration Project that will build a new PHP Web application development and deployment environment.

The Zend-led effort to drive PHP (define) adoption as a middleware alternative to .NET and J2EE is not the first effort from the group.



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