Sunday, November 09, 2008

East African Savana : Butterflies and Plants

Since I had very less free time to roam around, I managed to photograph only two Butterflies and I am yet to look for the identities of both.

The first one is this, probably a Lycaenidae

this another Pieridae looks like a Gull.

The Savanna walk was full of wild flowers. I did not have too much time to spend, but did manage to click few interesting ones.

This looks like Fabaceae

And this a Liliaceae

This a ground Orchid ?

Typical Savanna trees. Looks like some Acacia

Aloe seen in wild

I guess this is an Ipomea

This is Acacia species

This reminds me of Apta

A Solanaceae

This is a Cadaba species of Capparaceae. Reminded me of Cadaba fruticosa I seen back in Bangalore.

This one I am not remembering now.

This was an interesting herb, some ground orchid probably.

All the identities are listed here are wild guess of a non-botanist. Please let me know any hints on the identities here in comments or by email.

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At 8:58 PM, Blogger /<0USIK said...

Vijay, looks like you had a really great time! If just 2 days can be so productive, I wonder how much satisfying a week's trip is gonna be!


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