Thursday, July 26, 2007

20.025 !

Priya Ganapati

Classes are useless. If the company receives any resume and we find the guy has attended classes we throw the resume out," declares Bhavin Turakhia.

Bhavin is the 19-year-old director of Web hosting and applications development company Direct Information Private Limited. The company has built a turnover of Rs 400,000 over the last six months of its existence.

The unconventional HRD policy will not sound so drastic when you consider that the four-head-strong staff of Direct Information is hardly out of college and still at war with teachers who are generations removed.

Bhavin has just graduated from Bombay University with a bachelor's degree in commerce. But he founded Direct Information when he was still at college.

Web Promotion Executive Divyank Turakhia is 17 and the second founder. He is Bhavin's younger brother. Divyank is also studying to graduate in commerce and is currently in the first year of the programme.

Systems Analyst and Project Leader Hitesh Makhijani is 20. Hitesh joined the venture only two months ago. He too is going to graduate with a degree in commerce. Hitesh is in the final year.

Technical Support Executive Rahul Monga is the oldest man in the start-up. He is 23. Out of college for two years now... And considered over the hill by his colleagues.

"Yeah! He's the buddah out here..." chorus the others.

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