Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Foss.in 2005 : inauguration

The registration started fairly late, and people were waiting and cursing the organizers of Foss.in 2005. I overheard the comments like "They should have started the registration yesterday lake previous year" or "Why didn't they train the volunteers yesterday". Finally it started at around 9.15 am I guess. And though we reached at the venue at 8:30, we could enter the hall only at 9:50.

The program started at about 10 am . As usual, representatives of FOSS groups from across India lighted the lamps to start it. This time Arjun Asthana from Delhi, Kushal Das from Durgapur, Swati Sani from Nagpur (since Tarique had to disappear to attend something at registration), Arvind Yadav from Goa and Surjo Das from Bangalore were there.

Talk of Alan Cox was good, though I faced problems at times understanding his accent.

Then I had o rush back to office for the meeting. I hope to attend the whole of last day and meet PLUG and NashLUG friends along with many others form Bangalore.


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