Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Getting the most out of the 1GB broadband

H.Shankar, BSNL, Mysore.
BSNL offers broadband connections to its customers at Rs.250 a month. But there is a 1GB limit on the data transfer. Suggestions on how to use it best.

Considering the home plan, which gives you 1GB of data transfer free for a month, with 5MB mailbox, let us see how an average home user can take maximum benefit out of it.

All information you transfer to and from your computer to the Internet actually goes in small packets (and is counted towards your data transfer limit). Typically the packet size varies between 500 bytes and 1500 bytes.

The size of every page you browse varies depending on the contents on the page like; pictures, sound clips, JavaScript menu and Macromedia flash clips etc. If you are using Internet Explorer, you can see the size of the page, after completely receiving the page (select ‘Properties’ from ‘File’ menu).

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