Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Spirit of Mumbaikars

Mumbai has witnessed one of the worst rainfall nightmare in Indian History I guess. Of course it was Hishest Rainfall in the Indian History. But still mumbaikar manage to keep their spirits high. Evey city has its own chemistry, psycology, culture etc. And mumbai has certain qualities which we all should appriciate.

Here is an email form my friend in Mumbai. This was in responce to my worried email to him, after he could reach office after a gap of almost a week.


I'm back in office after a week's compulsory break. On Tuesday, 26th, it took 5 hours to reach from SEEPZ, Andheri to Happy Valley, Thane. I had to walk 6-7 KMS only with couple of buses and first time in life I travelled by Truck! Probably I was very much fortunate compared to other people's terrible conditions of reaching home only day after or late night ..early morning following day.

Yesterday and day before yesterday were also bad but thanks to alert and proactive administration nothing worst happened!

Anyway, what ever worst happens in Mumbai...it is always sure about one thing ...here ...spirit of common people .. Never say die ...Never wait for Government to do something!

We were lucky being in Thane. Except for one day we had proper supply of water. No power cut.

Unfortunately, lack of electricity caused stampede due to rumours and I hope electricity will be restored soon in low lying part soon.

There were many tragedies and probably some yet to unfold.

Unfortunately, not only in Mumbai but heavy rain lashed in many cities of Maharashtra specially Konkan region, West Maharashtra.

Anyway, on the positive side, we had the privilage to see record 94.4 CM rain in one day and how it feels.

People realize their strength when they go through bad phase and I hope it is the end of bad phase!

Cheers for Mumbai people's spirit!




At 4:36 PM, Blogger Vijay Krishna said...

I'm surprised that people are falling into the media-trap of praising the so-called "Mumbaikar spirit". It is a common thing you could expect in any other place. It is called humanity, and it is not copyrighted by Mumbai.

At 12:52 AM, Blogger Vijay Barve said...

Frankly speaking I have not read any praise in favor of mumbaikars. All I read/heard so far was criticism on the administration. And I liked the way my friend described the experience.

No doubt humanity is found everywhere and a bit more in India (I feel). But I see no harm in appreciating it publically. I have no intentions to say it is only in Mumbai and no where else. And if I a sounding like that, my apologies for that.

People in Chennai might have shown much more humanty at the time of Tsunami, but unfortunately I do not have any examples to quote with me.

At 12:08 AM, Blogger SIM Blogger said...

Hi Vijay


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