Wednesday, July 27, 2005

The hottest things on the Net!

They are the hottest new things on the Net. And they are catching on like wildfire. The disruptive technology which powers them could dramatically alter the way we read, listen, express ourselves and even do business.

Wiki, Podcasting and Google Earth are things that are challenging the time-tested and established institutions such as newspapers, radio encyclopaedia and the Atlas.

Today, the Internet is a place where users are generating content -- text or audio -- writing and editing stories or creating and adding to encyclopaedias.

"It is being branded as the citizen's media that will ultimately empower the lowest common denominator," says Sanjay Trehan, head of broadband at Times Internet Ltd.

Agrees's head of new business Jasmeet Singh Gandhi: "Wiki reflects the power of the individual to publish content."

Here is Ice World's check list on the hot things to do on the World Wide Web.

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